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David Mondragon

David Mondragon

We live in the age of communication, where events, however insignificant, can be or rather, are broadcast to the world.  This has dragged us all into a buzzing frenzy, like flies on a rotting carcass that in order to qualify our existence we really must broadcast those insignificant life events to the world via Facebook and Twitter and the thousand and one other social media organizations that feed upon this need .  I both love it and hate it at the same time, but at least it’s forced me to think about the nature of existence.  It has also forced me to use a ‘nom de plume’ since my real name brings up countless Internet pages concerning an infamous murderer.  Such is the power of modern communication, that one can be raised to the giddy heights of infamy or cast into an ocean of oblivion, simply by association. I too feel this need to tell my story and of course, because it’s MY story,   I feel this story is worth telling.  Perhaps, because I have actually sat in the Devil’s Kitchen and watched the master at work, brewing yet more strife and agony for the unsuspecting,  I feel it is important that it be told.

The tale has been created from a period I call Our Ootsa Years.

Lynne is the greatest companion I could ever imagine and together we lived through years of hardship under the spiteful and oft-times apparent ‘lunatic’ manipulations of a real estate ‘salesman’.  The tale begins during these years as we observed a steady stream of people file onto the lands of a con man and then, once the silk handkerchief of the trickster’s welcome had been tugged away  to reveal the vicious trap beneath, limp away in total desolation.  Some might say we too should have limped away and licked our wounds whilst they were still fresh.  However, we chose to stay and to fight and to watch.  We chose to fight, with no idea as to what lengths this maniac would go to in order to satisfy his lust. We know now, he knows no limits.  There are no boundaries in his game.  He makes up the rules as he goes along.  The realization however, that this is a game has held us enthralled.

Perhaps one day the real story will be told.  However, in the meantime, this book should be a warning beacon to all who desire to break free from the treadmill of life and seek a new life, especially one in the wilderness, where there are fewer eyes to watch the show and where there are even fewer people to monitor the madness.  The events herein described are all true.  They are taken from years of accumulated documents, from countless hours of interviews and meetings.  The names and thought processes of the characters however, are pure invention.  If they resemble anyone you personally know, then that is simply your interpretation. These events are seen through the eyes of the perpetrator, but filtered through my own version of reality.  Chub’s thoughts and beliefs are not necessarily my own!  It has been an amazing journey and has truly thrown a different light on our existence.

It might be a cliché to say that we harbour no grudges, but it is true.  The battle continues to this day, albeit from a distant hilltop.  From here the battle has taken on the appearance of a silly war-game.  We maintain it though because unlike Chub, we don’t believe that a few people have the right to trample over others.  They have to be stopped.  Knowledge is power and if this book empowers just one person, well ….you know the rest.

Lynne Milsom

Lynne Milsom

Lynne and I live peacefully, away from the crazy battle ground in the wilderness of the Central Interior and have adopted a slightly more comfortable existence, with our herd of llamas in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.



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    Frankly I think that’s asboultely good stuff.

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