The Prince of Niccolo Machiavelli

…men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot; therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge – Niccolo Machiavelli

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I explain to you in detail, how you must use fear when you are buying property and selling property and when also you are processing people during the elimination phase.  The Goad is the great symbol of power and of fear.  Power is in the hands of the man that holds the Goad strongly, like so.  It makes fear in the cattle that are looking at the pointing end, like so.  The Gods of Egypt and of all other nations, they understood this symbol, that it makes so much fear in people.  The Egyptians, they named it the Was.  In other nations they name it as staff or a rod or a spear.  Think about your men of religion, they hold big sticks and they tell you that these sticks show that they are sheep ranchers.  Ha!  These words also must tell you what is the real design of the religion, that they make themselves to be better than you and more powerful than you, because they hold the stick with the curly end and direct you to do what they say.  This is power.  Even the magic man, he names his stick a wand, but they are all the same thing; they are all the greatest symbol of power on Earth.  You see that I also carry these sticks.  Perhaps they are not so big, but they are symbols of my power.

You are bored, because I tell you many times about fear and that fear is your greatest friend in this game of real estate, but it is truth, like no other truth.  When you make people afraid of you, then you control them.  Where do I learn this information from?

I refer you to the greatest book ever written; the most important words ever to be told and they are all in a book that anyone can read.  Do you know what book this is?  I am certain that many people will shout to me that it is the Bible or one of those other books of distraction that so many people enjoy to argue and to kill each other about.  These books are designed to control your minds, create confusion and to make anger and violence between peoples.  The Bibles are written to keep you in a state of stupidness and insecurity, because they are bishop, crook, power, criminalso very confusing.  Bible bashers shake their books at me and tell me that many nasty things are going to happen to me, because of what is written in their books.  Let me tell you something, you are all fools!  Nasty things happen to people because of what is in their thoughts inside their heads.  When you think lots of nasty things, you attract lots of nasty things.  When you think for all of the day that you have no money, then why is so much a surprise that you have no money?  When you think that your God will punish you because you believe you have made a sin, then you should be happy when you attract that punishment as illness or accident or loss.  But, when you think that you are a God and you deserve to have everything you want, then that also is precisely what you get.  The law works in all ways!  The Universe does not care what you do, but only what you think about what you do.

In the Bible, you read some words and sometimes you make them to mean one thing and sometimes you make them to be a different meaning.  You change the meaning to fit a situation and you create in your own head a confusion.  What do you think you attract when you are confused?  You attract a confusing life, of course.  Sometimes two people will argue about the meaning of the same words and they will even fight each other.  This is total craziness!  So many of the wars you are fighting, because of beliefs and not totally understanding the words in these books.  This book I tell you about today though, there is not any craziness and there is not any confusion in it, because it is cold, hard, science.  Wars are not made because of confusion in this book, wars are won and wars are ended because of what is written in this book.

the prince, machiavelli, machiavellianThis book I am telling about is not so well known.  Many people, I have heard them say the name of the author, yet they have never read this book.  Even if I tell you the title of the book you will be not much more wise.  It is called ‘The Prince.’  I imagine you shaking your heads or making creases in your front-heads because you do not know this book.  You think he is a singer, don’t you?  Ha!  Only perhaps one or two of the wise people will be nodding slowly in understanding and appreciation.  ‘The Prince’ was written by Niccolo Machiavelli.  It was written in Italy, in the beginning of the fifteen hundred century, but what he tells in the book does not get old, not like a modern book.  One man told me one day that I was Machiavellian.  Hawhawhaw…..  This is so good , that he used this word and he did not know that he was telling truth; he wanted to make me an insult or a witch curse, but I feel very good when he said this thing.  I am a Machiavellian, yes, like some people say to me that they are a Christian.  I have a book of instructions that is not in any way confusing and it works perfectly.

If you follow the instructions in this book, then you also can be a great leader, because it is the science of ruling and controlling people.  It is the science of making people do what you want them to do.  Machiavelli knowed, knew exactly the things that are happening in the heads of the cattle and he made a book of rules to teach leaders in his country how to control the cattle.  This is a book only for the few; for the Gods and for the leaders of men.  This book worked in Italy and it works now in America and it works in Germany and it works in Iran.  It works in all countries and for all people.

People open and close their mouth like a fish when they hear the name of the author of The Prince.  They suck air through their white Christian teeth and call him evil, but they are so president, dictator, country, con manvery stupid, because I am certain that these people have not even looked at this book.  You cannot judge a man before you have the facts about him and you cannot judge a book, before you have read it  The Prince is bedtime reading for Goadsmen and Stick Wielders all over the world.  It is not possible that there is a President or a Statesman or a leader of a country anywhere, who has not been hungry for every page of this book.  But you, I doubt you have even opened this book.

It is old, it is small, but it is incredibly powerful.  So powerful, that I can guarantee to you that the country you are living in, was created on the words of this book.  That your constitutions and your governments and your laws and your authorities and your armies that are all controlling you, it is all happening, because of Machiavelli and this single book.  It has created the power in the minds of many people and although it is hundreds of years of old, it has great meaning today, the same like it always has.

cattle at ootsa lake, british columbia, lakefrontMachiavelli describes in tiny details, how to acquire property and how to become powerful and wealthy and I use many of these techniques in my business.  Machiavelli was a very good realtor, I think!  Now I am telling you something, if this was evil, then all of your leaders and all of your governments are evil also.  But you are happy, when you make your vote for your favourite Prime Minister, you think that you have power; how crazy is this?  You are crazy, because he is the one with the power, but he makes you to think that you have the power.   If this was not how life must be, then it would not work so well, you know?  People would fight back and want the power and the control for themselves.  They do not fight back except on some small occasions, but they have not the leaders who are wise and they are quickly beaten by the sticks of the Goadsmen, until they crawl on their knees and hands into their dirty little mortgaged boxes, to lick their wounds and complain some more about their leaders.

There are the Gods who have all of the power.  There are a few cattle who think they have power and there are all the rest of the cattle who think that they have not any power.

This sounds to you so hard, like I am the evil one and that you are the squeaky clean innocent, without having done things to deserve what you get.  But, if you believe that you are cattle, then you are always cattle, because you show to yourself that you do not have the cleverness to become a God.  It is all in here, in your empty head, this is where you are a God or a Kuh.  It is this space inside here, where is your reality.  Your life is what you believe it is.  One day perhaps, you will wake up and know that you have the power to be anyone, but when you are asleep, so you must be commanded by your laws and by your governments.

You know, I think even sometimes, that some leaders know this so well, that it is a game for them, just like it is all a game for me.  Life is a great game and you either play the game to win or you are beaten like a dog.  It all happens in your heads.  If you think you have no power and that you must obey the authorities and you must pay your taxes, then you will live in fear for your whole life.  If you believe you have the power and you have the right, then you will learn that the Universe makes things happen for you.  Here again, I am telling you such important secrets of life and perhaps all the people in the world will become powerful, when they learn these secrets.  Hawhawhaw… I think that this will not happen, because most people are too afraid and too stupid to think in the right way and be transforming into someone important.

I must read to you now, some words from Niccolo Machiavelli as he wrote them, hundreds of years ago.  I could have wrote them today and people would not know that they are so old:

“…a prince must not have any objective nor any thought, nor take up any art, other than niccolo machiavelli, real estate crime in bcthe art of war and its ordering and discipline; because it is the only art that pertains to him who commands. And it is of such virtue that not only does it maintain those who were born princes, but many times makes men rise to that rank from private station; and conversely one sees that when princes have thought more of delicacies than of arms, they have lost their state.”

And here is a sentence that I have placed in my memory, for so important is it to me, that it has directed my life:

“…above all a prince must scheme to give himself the fame of a great man and of excellent judgment in every action. A prince is also esteemed when he is a true friend and a true enemy, that is to say, when he comes out in favour of one against another without hesitation.”

These words  do not grow old.

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The Prince of Niccolo MachiavelliThe Goad

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