Buying Real Estate Using The Canadian Mineral Tenure Act

Benefits should be conferred gradually; and in that way they will taste better - Niccolo Machiavelli

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Here is a beautiful gem for you to consider with your mind.  In British Columbia, there is a law that allows anyone to obtain a Free Miner Certificate and stake a claim on property, even when it is owned by someone else.  This is a such a great law!  Hawhawhaw….  It makes me think how sad are the people, when they are told that a miner is making a mineral excavation on their land.  The Canadian government is so hungry for money that they create this law and boohoo to the people who pay lots of money for land and build their home and their barn and their pretty garden.  The Free Miner can just send a letter and say ‘I am coming onto your land next month to develop a copper mine, because I think there is copper in the soil; if you don’t like this to happen, that is pech for you.’

Such a strange law and I was amazed when I first learned about it.  I was driving my big pickup truck along a gravel road one day and some men were making a survey near the Canadian Free Miner Certificate, crookroad.  I stopped and asked them what it is they are doing.  They said they are surveying for minerals in the area.  This is on crown Land and also private property.  So, I researched for this informations and read lots of documents and articles.  I found articles where people are getting very angry because miners are digging up their private property and they cannot do anything to make it stop.  Of course, the first thing I must do is to obtain a Free Miners Certificate and to stake the claims for mining rights on all of my own property.  The law tells that the mining survey and development must be started within a period of time, but I do not worry about this thing, since I am very good at telling the authorities what I want them to do for me, so this does not matter to me.  These small details, they matter nothing to me.

Do you know that when you buy some land, you do not own the minerals or the rights to minerals beneath your house or your garden?  The minerals under your garden belong to the Provincial or Canadian government.  Anyone can visit the Canadian Ministry of Titles and make themselves a Free Miner and then it is easy to find property using their maps and within five minutes you have staked a claim and there is nothing in the world the property owner can do about this.

I sat down and I thought very much and in my deepest concentration about this.  I went private sale, real estate in BCfor long walking in the forest and also thought about this.  Everywhere I went, I thought about this law and I put my mind to work for many weeks, because I can see this law as being a pot of gold.  I do not mean that I would dig for gold, hawhaw… this is work only for slaves.  Stupid people make their hands dirty, intelligent people always have clean hands and they make other people to do the dirty work for them.  The big question that fills my mind all this time, is how can I use this law to the best advantage?

I talked to people about this Mineral Tenure Act and I discover someone who is already doing this thing and he helps me to understand how it can be used to protect land and to make land more or less valuable, you know?   In some cases it is not possible to dig for minerals on private land or on farm land, but people do not know this and as I tell you many times, it is the fear that is the most powerful tool in the world.

free miner, mining in BC, private propertyOf course, I have many great schemes to use for this Free Miner Certificate.  Firstly, I think it is possible to identify a property you want to buy and then stake a claim on the property using a false mining company.  The property owners, they receive a letter from this mining company, telling them there is mining work starting soon.  Then I drive to the property and I tell the people, that I want to buy their home and their land, because I like it very much, blah, blah, blah.  I ask them all the questions and show them the box of gold maple leaf coins, like I have told you already and then I drive home.  I want to lure them onto my hook, but also I want them not to tell me about the mining, do you see this?  I must carefully persuade them to sell their house and to make them think that they are very lucky to have this opportunity.

When I go away from the house, I know that they will be thinking their God is answering prayers after all this time.  First, they are told their land will be mined and then comes a rich man to buy the land.  They must tell me about the mining notice, because this would be a breach of real estate law, but they want to really make sure that I will still buy the property anyway.  How much will they lower their price from its correct value, because of the mining?  Is it worth one half of the original price?  Is it worth one third of the original price? Or perhaps much less?  This is fantastic!  I can buy any property I want for a small amount of the original value.

If the property owner tells me about the mining, I must be completely  surprised and I tell them that this is not good for me and I leave.  I let them cook on the stove for two weeks and not to contact them.  Two weeks is such a very long time, when you have such free miners certificate,suffering about losing your beautiful home.  They hope always that I will come back, but after two weeks they give up hope; this is the perfect timing!  Do you know how clever this is?  I am the master of understanding people.  After two weeks, they are feeling depressed and they are now accepting the fate of their God, that they cannot sell the property and the mining company will come along soon to destroy their world.  That is when I arrive again on their doorstep.  I do not tell them I am coming, but I tell them I was passing in my truck and I thought of them, for their terrible situation.  I like the property so very much and I like them also, perhaps I can help.

I have thrown to them a rope and they will grab that rope and not let it go.  If I was not patient and I contacted them too soon, they might be suspicious, this is why timing is most important.  Now I must work out a plan to help them.  Here I can play many cards and I will explain for you a few of them.

The first card I can play, is to tell them I am good at negotiating and perhaps I can make some agreements with the mining company about paying compensation for the damage to the property.  I then offer to buy their property at perhaps one quarter of it’s value, but I tell them I will pay to them the compensation also, that I have negotiated from the mining company.  This compensation I will pay when the mining begins and it is paid to me.  This agreement I make in writing.  The agreement of course, is only that I will pay them the compensation when the mining begins and only when I am paid.  The mining will never begin!  Ha!

real estate crook, property theftHere is another card I can play:   I tell to them that I like them and I am deeply upset by their situation, so I will help them, since money is not so much problem for me.   I have also other property and that I can make for them a very good deal.  I will finance them to buy a piece of my lakefront property.     I tell them that they do not need to pay me money in a whole amount, we can exchange properties and I can provide finance for the extra that my property costs.  This is such a great deal for them, that they do not have to pay me cash money on the property.  This place on the lakefront is also much more convenient for them to go to town and I make for them the repayments to be very reasonable.  This will be for them a new paradise!

A better way I am thinking that free mining can help me to buy real estate, is also much easier.  I stake a claim on the land and then I write to the property owner and tell them I am beginning mining very soon.  I know that this very upsetting for them, so I want to do the best thing for them and will help them to find another property.  From that point it is exactly the same as the last example I give to you; by exchanging another piece of my property for their property and then providing the finance for them to pay the difference between their cheap and useless land that is being mined and my beautiful  lakeshore property.  I am feeling very comfortable with this direct approach.  When I am having to be nice to people and tell them how much I feel sad for them, I must stop myself from making vomit on their carpet.  It is easy for me to talk in a simple way to the cattle.  I make my best work when I have some aggressive feeling in my stomach

What a wonder of work this is for me!  I am buying property for a very small price and I am selling property on finance at ten times the price I paid for it.  I will help them to finance building a house and then finally, they must move to the elimination process, when I get back the property again.

Why do I not feel sad for these stupid people?  Do not throw at me your softhead feelings, I owner finance, real estate, British Columbia, lakefront propertyam not sad because they are so stupid; this is what they deserve and this is also what they want.  This is the most difficult thing for the cattle to understand, that I do these things for them, because they want it to happen .  Perhaps I am too clever for this world.  This is the Law of Attraction working like it must always work.  You attract people and events into your life that you must have, to connect exactly with what you make happen in your head so much of the time.  This is the most important subject in life, so I must tell you more another day.

Returning to this mining law, it gave me many more ideas for making money and for using it in the elimination process.  This also I will explain for you, because I am only describing here what is possible to do and I have yet not made these schemes into action.  However, I use the law for the elimination process already and it is looking to be very useful.  That is a good story for you.

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Buying Real Estate Using The Canadian Mineral Tenure ActThe Goad

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2 Responses to Buying Real Estate Using The Canadian Mineral Tenure Act

  1. In Canada when a property is sold is the received money taxed if said money is used to buy another real estate property?

    • Mondragon says:

      Maybe. I’m not a realtor, so this isn’t advice, but I understand that you can sell a house for less than $250K and not pay capital gains tax. I think this amount doubles if you file taxes jointly with your partner. Otherwise, you pay Capital Gains on your house sale, for any amount above $250,000.

      …but this isn’t what this site is about. It’s about how not to be royally screwed by a real estate con man, not the tax man.