My Friend The Law – Part 2

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.” ― Eckhart Tolle

Canada authority


Lawyers, I think of them like the fish that eat at the bottom of a fish tank; they live on all that is bad to other fish.  It is also necessary to use the lawyer sometimes and you must learn to use her to great results.  Let me explain this.

What happens in your head when you get a letter from a lawyer?  It must be bad news, you say, that is what you are thinking, yes?  You do not want to receive a letter from a lawyer, because it must be trouble coming to you.  So, another great help I give to you is to use the lawyer to give you this advantage.  You can make your enemy afraid, by making him to get a letter from your lawyer, but how do you make this to happen, when you do not want to pay your lawyer to write the letter?  This is so easy to do, but firstly, I must tell you more about power and how you have it.

Many people are afraid to tell what they want, but I tell everyone what I want.  The cattle, they are afraid of authority and when the authority tells them to do something, they must do it, but they are afraid to tell the authority what the authority must do also.  This is explaining, yes?

The RCMP police authority, Canada Revenue tax authority, BC Assessment authority, BC canada revenue authority, bc courts authorityCourts authority, they are only businesses that are operated by cattle; they are just jobs; they are not important and these cattle are afraid of losing their jobs also.  The authorities make you afraid when they write to you their letters, yes?  But, you can use them also and tell them to do things for you.  I tell BC Assessment what I want them to know.  I tell them stories about other people, that they are tricking the authorities and telling lies to them about what they do with their land.  I tell them that they are not working their land as a farm and they are pretending only to be a farm.  The assessment authority then makes lots of trouble for these people.  I tell them my stories in such a powerful voice that they believe me.  This is very important for you to understand.  If you talk to the tax authority in your stupid little voice and it is shaking with fear, then you are showing you are weak and at the same time you are making them powerful.  If you talk to them and you tell them in a strong voice what you want them to do, they become the ones with the small voice and they shake and they say ‘yes, sir’ and ‘no, sir’ and they become like your slave.

Make people do what you want by acting with authority showing in your voice and in the way you hold your body and your head.  Authority is a vibration; it is a like a radio.  You are either transmitting your radio to people that you are weak and stupid or you are transmitting that you are a powerful authority.  What a secret I am telling to you!

This is the important tip that I must give to you; it is how you talk that makes who you are and makes you powerful.  Talk with a stupid little voice with your head downwards and you give away your power.  Talk with your head upwards with your chink sticking up like this [Author – we must presume that Chub means ‘chin.’  That deserves a good Chub-style guffaw:  hawhawhaw…. ] ….and in a big voice and tell them what you want and you have the power.  Power is a thing that you make in your head; if you believe you have power then you have the power.  If you believe that you have not the power, then you do not.  It is good sense, yes?

real estate criminalI believe I have the power of the Gods, because that is right.  It is true, because I believe it is true and I make actions with that power belief.  This makes me powerful.  Most people believe that they have not the power and they let the authority push them around and poke at them.  I am the pushing one; I am the big man with the goad.  Ha!

So, now we can talk again of the bottom-eating lawyer.  The lawyer is not an authority, but people, they believe that the lawyer can tell them what to do.  They cannot tell me what to do, do you understand this?  They have pretend authority, it is not real authority.  If they tell me to do something and I do not do it, I am not like a criminal breaking the law, because they are not the authority.  The courts, they are the authority and they can make people go to jail, but the lawyer cannot.  If I do not do what a lawyer wants, then he must go to the courts to make me do the thing; he cannot make me to do something.  This is a power I use always.

Think on this power.  If a lawyer tells me to do something and I am not doing it, then he real estate fraud in british columbiamust ask the courts to make me do this thing.  What does this cost me?  Nothing, I tell you.  It makes lots of work for the lawyer and he must spend lots of time and applications to the court.  The kuh that is using a lawyer this way, he is the one that is paying out of his nose and it is taking him so much more time.  After a long time of this special, slowing-down action from me, he will give up and he will throw in the towel; that is what you say, yes?  It is true, that if he does not give up, then the court will tell me I must pay for this cost.  I laugh at this even, because I tell him I have no money to do such a thing.  All of the property and all of my house and things, they do not belong to me, when you look at my documents, you see that they belong to some companies, that are not even living in Canada.  Perhaps I can pay $5 each month for fifty years!  Hawhawhaw…..  It is a great game!

But now I will tell you even more powerful things.  The lawyer is a powerful authority, that is what most people believe.  Knowing that this is what people choose to believe, then I get my lawyer to send letters for me, that come from the lawyer’s address and they have the lawyer’s name and seal.  I do not pay for the lawyer to write the letter, listen to this!  The lawyer is just another kuh and she knows nothing, but she has been to law school and has letters that follow her name, and then she can pretend she is powerful.  Ha!  What a nonsense this is!

When I want to scare somebody, I write a long letter to them, telling what I can do to them and demand that they obey me and that they pay me money.  Remember that I have told you already, never to miss the opportunity of making invoices to people; you want to make the pocket money very easy, yes?  I send the letter to my lawyer and I tell her she must print it on her legal paper and send it to the person.  I pay only a little money for this and not paying for the stupid lawyer writing and thinking.  Lawyers are always trying to screw you for lots of money and they spend many years learning how to do this.  Does this make you think of me?  Hawhawhaw…..

BC courts, judgeWhat happens when the person receives the letter from the lawyer?  They are frightened of course and they are shitting in their pants!  They are thinking that this letter comes from the lawyer and that they must obey the lawyer.  They are so stupid and I am having so much fun.  They think they must pay their lawyer to write a letter to me and they are stupid enough to do this.  Their lawyer must know that my letter has not been written by another bottom-eater, but they are rubbing their hands and thinking of the money they get from all of this trouble that this is making.  If you are clever then, you will not pay the bottom-eater to write your letters anymore, you will only pay her to send letters that you are writing.

So much you are learning from me.  So many tricks I am telling you and giving you for free.  I am amazed at my generous person.

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My Friend The Law – Part 2The Goad

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