The Fear of Power

I have asked myself what mankind has always hated, feared, and despised the most — and precisely out of this I have made my “gold”.       Friedrich Nietzsche

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Here is something that you will not believe and I like it much better if you don’t believe it.  If so many people believe this then they are all learning to do it and it works not so good, do you understand?

I  always look for the thing called ‘The Edge,’ do you know this thing?  The Edge is making the difference between a good artist and a best artist; a master of the art.  This thing that one person has  that makes him the best, is called The Edge and it can be many things.  I look very often for the unusual  things, that not others  look for.  An example,  I use special relaxation devices to help me to relax.  When the mind is relaxed, it makes decisions better and thinks of new things.  I know that sportsmen, they use relaxation to help them win and to make them to feel  better.  This thing many people believe already; it is an Edge, but too many people use it for it to be The Edge.  You see the difference, yes?

Remote viewing, do you know this thing?  This is what I am trained to do.  I learn this spying, remote viewingamazing technique from a man who was working for the United States Army Secret Intelligence.  He teaches me to go anywhere with my mind and to look at anything, just like I would be there in my body. Ha!  I can fly around the world and inside houses and offices and even look into files.  I can read things, like I have them on my desk.  I can see things that are happening and I can see things that have already happened.  This is very secret, so I cannot tell you very much of the details.  It is also very difficult for you to learn, and it takes many years, but I am special good with this technique.

To know that I do this would make many people afraid.  If they would know that their enemies look into their houses and see everything, without opening the door or the window, you know, this is very scary for them.  But this thing I can do.  It makes for me the better decisions when I know that someone is frightened of me.  I can feel that they are frightened when I am there, but they cannot see my body.  What power this is that I use?  It is a power that everybody has from the Universe, but the Gods only can learn this easily, because their minds are very advanced.

You can learn so much about this power when you study parallel universes.  I do not explain this now, because this is very complicated and to most people, it is not important, but with my power I can move between frequencies, like on a radio and I adjust my mind radio to hear and see new things on another frequency.

criminal, canada immigration, canada revenueWhen I want to know what people are planning against me, I visit their homes by flying to them in my mind.  Do you believe this thing?  Ha!  No, I think you do not and that is the root of my true power.  That is why I can talk about these things and not fear that people will understand, because they are all too stupid to learn anything that is different and that is not on their TV.  It is like the movie to most people; they think it is unreal; a fiction thing.  Do you watch that movie ‘men who stare at goats?’  Crazy movie with crazy people, but the stupid kuhe, they think it is true and they are scared or they think it is not true and they laugh, but the cattle have not the intelligence to understand.  Only the Gods, they know and they nod their heads slowly with the small smile, because they know the truth.

People are not afraid because I fly into their homes in my mind, they are afraid because I tell them of this thing that I do.  One part of their mind is telling them it is nonsense and another part of their mind tells them it can be true.  The cattle are afraid of the thing that they do not understand; that is truth in all of life.  When I tell to someone a powerful thing that I know he does not understand, then he is always afraid of me from that time and he will always be afraid of me.  He does not know when I am watching him and this makes him afraid, and because he does not understand it, he is more afraid.

Some police and the RCMP, they are being trained also in remote viewing, to help them find informations and to look for criminals.  I can see on your face that you are thinking the police will find me with remote viewing.  Why do you think this thing?  I am not a criminal.  I am not a con artist or a fraud, because what I do is not illegal.  There are no laws against me, do you understand?  I can stand in court and say I am not doing illegal things.  This is what people find out if they pay their lawyers to chase me.  The lawyer just laughs because he knows the law can be outwitted and it is used to protect all people, including me.  Remember this always.

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The police, I think, they cannot be good at remote viewing, but as I am telling to you already, it is the fact that the police say that they do this, that it makes people more afraid.  I have told to you before that fear is the greatest tool.  To make people afraid of you, gives you power.  This is why you see men pushing out their chests and pretending to be big, because it makes them feel powerful when they are bigger and when they push people around;  they are also showing how strong they are to make others afraid of them.  In truth they are not more powerful and not more strong; it is pretend, but it works when others are afraid of them.  This is power.

Think about how police and Canada immigration authority work.  Think about how governments work and the Canada Revenue  and the IRS.  They all use fear to give them power.  What is really funny for me is that the cattle give them the power in the beginning.  They make their votes for the governments and they pay their taxes because they are told to pay.  But, did you know that you are not required to pay the tax to IRS in the United States?  You are not required to pay, because it is illegal, but we are all pounded on our front-heads from the time we are born,  YOU – MUST – DO – WHAT – YOU – ARE – TOLD – TO  - DO – AND –  YOU – MUST – OBEY.  When this thing is done to you many times, then you believe it and you are afraid if you do not do this thing.  This is power and it is the power that is given to the authorities.  The cattle, they want to be told what to do, because they do not understand how to think on their own; it gives them fear also, not to know what to do.remote view, RCMP, police

This is the power that I use also.  I tell people what they must do and they do it.  I tell people what they must pay and they pay it.  I tell people what I can do to them if they do not and they are afraid of me.  I tell them I can fly anywhere with my mind and I can see in their homes and in their files and they are very afraid.  You know, I even show them this special electronic machine that looks like big sunglasses, but it is electronic.  I tell them that this tool helps me to travel in time and in space and I even offer them to try it, but most are too scared or they tell me they do not believe it.  But you know, when I smile at them and look close into their eyes, like this; then they are afraid and they know also that I can see their fear.  Hawhawhawhaw….

You must understand that I do not make this a joke, it is truth.  It makes your heart run fast and makes you feel strange inside.  This is power and this is fear-making and this is how I work each day and this also is how I grow stronger.

Here, if I make a step towards you and I make my body to look big over yours and I make my body, what is this? Angle?  Yes, when I angle my body over you like this and I make my breath in your face; what does that make you feel?  You make a step away from me, yes?  Why?  It is not because I have stinking breath, but because you are afraid of me.  To have the breath of a powerful man in your face, is very frightening.  This is like a very big errr…  drohung.  This is the word?  Threat?  Ha!  I am a BIG threat, yes, YES! (author – I broke the golden rule here and offered a possible translation for drohung.  Chub was so pumped up on his power drug, that he either failed to notice the interruption or the sense of the word ‘threat,’  drove him to a new high.  Usually, he would shout at me for interrupting his flow.  It is quite disturbing to watch someone become so aroused and I mean mentally, physically and sexually aroused,  by his sense of power.  Chub once told me that he had to go into his basement every day to masturbate, because of this powerful energy that he feels).

You understand now, that power is a thing; it is an energy that we give away or that people police fear, world changes fear, ootsa lakegive to us.  We are power-givers or power-receivers.  The Gods are born power-receivers.  The cattle must always give their energy and their power to the Gods.  This is the most not understood fact in life.  Many people, they go to their churches every week and they give away their power to a God.  But this God is not someone they know; this God is a creation of the church and the church is controlled by higher force.  The church tells you that it gives you power, but really it is demanded that you obey the church; you are giving your power to the church and to the God of the church.  Always you give away your power and that is why you are weak and why you will never be powerful, like me.

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The Fear of PowerThe Goad

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