In Service to the Goads

   People Like to Please

Divine Buchis

Buchis or Bakh

There are those who wield the goad and those who toil.  Even the silly scriptures say that the wise people are those who don’t have to toil.  Toiling in the fields keeps the stupid cattle in ignorance and that is the key to being successful in this game.  If your hands are dirty at the end of the day then you are never going to be rich.  Understand that!  It is perhaps the most important piece of information you can ever have and I am giving it to you for free.  Even the Jews know that.  Perhaps you should spend time thinking about that and about the history of the Jews.  They know these things.  Think on this fact.

You must know how to control people.  They are like dogs and like to please their masters.  If you have a buyer who does not like to please then let him go.  Do not deal with this man as he will cause you many troubles later on.  Know that you must let him go.  Patience my friend, will reward you.  When you find a buyer who likes to please you then make him work.  He will really appreciate working for you and serving you.  Know also though that if you reward him every time he toils he will come to expect it and will soon become dissatisfied.  This is a game and you must learn how to play it well or you will lose.  I never lose.  I have become a master of this game.

One time a new buyer, I call them Kuh, which means cow, a new Kuh came to me and he bought an excavator.  I rub my hands together when we have a new Kuh on the ranch, because they love to work so hard to please me, Hawhawhaw…. It was only a small excavator, but straight away I put him to work on digging for me.  He had no home already, but he was so willing to please me that he worked for me first before building a home for the winter.  That was much work and at the end of each day the Kuh and his wife both had dirty hands.  They were pleased to be dirty!  Do you understand this?  They were pleased to work for me for all I had done for them and I was pleased to allow them to serve me.  This is the natural way of things.  Do you see now that I am helping people?  Do you see that I am not a bad person as some would call me?  I provide a service to humanity, only many people do not think this way.  They believe that it should not be this way, but they still live their little lives as all the rest of the cattle in the field.  They eat, they shit, they toil, they suffer, they shuffle around the field and are content, because that is what they know.  It is safe for them.  They do not like it to be different because then they are afraid.  When the farmer comes to put them in a truck or move them to a new field they mmuuh and shout and they all cluster together for protection.  This is the way of the cattle.  This is why most people are like the cattle, it has been known for many thousands of years.  The Gods knew this, though you will widen your eyes at me because I speak of Gods, you are believing the things that are given to you to believe.   Those who know the Gods, know how things are different.  I will tell you more, but another day.

This story of the excavator has many informations (sic) of interest too.  Firstly, to buy the excavator my new slaves needed a trailer and they were going to buy one.  I told them that a good idea was for us to buy it together.  What point is there in each person owning their own trailer, which is only used a few times each year?  I gave them a cheque and told them to buy it in my company name, then we would get the tax back. I told them to insure it in my company name too.  I also managed to goad another Kuh to buy the trailer with us, so I only paid for one third of the price. I am buying a trailer for one third of the new price!  I then told them to use my truck to collect the excavator, because it was a big powerful truck.  They trust me, because I saved them money on buying the trailer already.  They trust me because I gave them a cheque to pay for the trailer.  This encourages trust.  When you have their trust they will do anything.  Now they are also indebted to me for using my truck.

Do you see how all of this works? Develop their trust, present good ideas to them, make them work hard for you and most importantly, make them build a debt to you.  When they owe to you, then you have control and this is very important.

Tiny details are important.  You must write down all the tiny details.  For example, when the Kuh, he was English and the English I particularly hate, they are soooo polite euch! They make me sick!  …..I have digressed, I was talking about details.  Do you see how good my memory is?  That I can easily retrace my thoughts and continue a subject is one of my specialities.  The English Kuh was so honest and he told me that my truck overheated when towing the trailer with the excavator.  A year and a half later I had a breakdown in the transmission of my truck.  Do I pay for things like this?  No, of course I do not.  I tell the English Kuh that he broke my transmission.  I elaborate the story and tell him I have two specialists to look at the transmission and they assure me it was caused by the truck overheating.  The only time it was overheated is when you were driving it.  Your load was too heavy and so you must pay.

This trick does not always work, but it is such a good opportunity to make taschengeld, you must determine to yourself never miss an opportunity.  Selling property is the main income, but you need taschengeld also and there are so many opportunities to earn taschengeld, what is it?  (author advises, see Glossary)… to earn pocket money between property sales.  Look out for them, don’t let them pass you by.

Now my company owns a nice big new trailer and I paid only a third of the price.  Pay attention to what I said then.  I did not say that I own a trailer, I own nothing.  My companies own everything, but I have the use of everything they own and no-one can change that.  This brings me to another important subject, which I would like to speak about in more detail later.  You must choose your livestock carefully.  Like a good herdsman you do not select Kuhe from local stock, but bring in stock from far afield.  The further someone has travelled to see your property, the less they will know about local laws, customs and behavior.  Also, if they have travelled thousands of kilometers, they do not want to make the journey wasted, so they are very keen to buy the property.  It is in direct correlation, do you understand?  Knowledge equals one divided by distance.  It is an equation, this art form is really a science.

Thawing ice on Ootsa Lake, BC

I usually will sell property only to immigrants.  The European immigrant is my favourite.  He is usually desperate to find a new home and his ways are so very different in Europe that he will remain ignorant of the North American ways  for many years.  You must help him stay that way also.  Do not allow yourself to be caught up in conversation answering his stupid questions. Tell him what he needs to know and tell him what you want him to know and no more.  Here is another  example – the insurance laws in England are very different to Canada.  Trailers do not require separate insurance or separate registration.  I have studied these things for my craft.  There are no registration documents for trailers, so the Kuhe have no idea that by registering in my company name, they have no control whatsoever of the trailer.  Of course my cows squealed like little piggies hawhawhaw  …..when they discovered that they did not own any part of the trailer, but by then they had already been moved to  Elimination Process and I can ignore the protests.

Control of information is a key element to your success and I will tell you much more as we progress.

Does this all sound hard to you?  Then you are soft and should remain with the cattle.  I am passing on the wisdom of the ages and you should be grateful to me.


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