How to Sell Real Estate Successfully

Khnum carrying a goadFinding the right buyer for your property is probably the most difficult aspect of the business.  You must not grab the first Kuh that comes along. It is a great weakness to try to sell to anyone who wants to look at the land.  This is so important I cannot tell you enough times and this is the difference between a con man and a master of the craft.  Listen to my words carefully and think of them in every deal you make.

A con man will use his persuasion to sell.  He will make the property appear to be better than it is.  He will reduce his asking price.  I NEVER reduce my price.  Never, never, never!  People must really want what I have or I will refuse to sell it.  People want what they cannot have.  Do you understand this?   I want them to see what I have and I want them to be envious of it.  I tell them a long story about how hard it was to acquire this land and the extraordinary journey I made in order to get it.  You know I have one piece of property on a lakefront in BC.  It is my show piece, my show home.  It is a big ranch.  I should have a flag in front of it  …hawhawhaw.   People want to live there when they see it, but I tell them it is very expensive and they usually want to buy something less expensive and less beautiful.  But I make them want it, this is my skill, I make them want it and I tell the great story of how I bought this land.  I will tell you this story later and you will see.

Beautiful Lakes District of BC

Beautiful Lakes District of BC


They must really want it.  It is no use to me if they have to think about things.  They either want it and will do what they can to get it or they don’t want it.  If they have to think about it, I play the cool man.  I make it difficult for them to contact me or I tell them that I have someone else who is desperate to buy the land now and I will let them know what is happening later.  I let them cook.  What is that word?  Stew, yes, I let them stew in their juice for two weeks or maybe more.   When I call them after time, they are so very happy to hear from me and they will now do anything to get that property in case it goes away from them again.  Do you see this?  Do I help you understand this? That I make them want it, I do not try to sell it.  I let them sell it to themselves, because they could not have it and now they have a little window to climb through.  I open that window for them and now they climb through that window to give me their money.

They will try to haggle.  A salesman will argue about the price and will haggle because he is weak.  This is where I am shining.  This is the perfect opening for the most important factor of the property business, getting control. Do you understand what I mean by getting control?  I will tell you.  If a buyer offers a lower price I will either ignore them completely to test their level of desire or if I am sure they are already sold on the idea of living there, then I will move them onto the next process, finance.  Finance is the controller.  I do not put my foot in the door like a cheap salesman, I remove the hinges from the door, so there is no way it can be shut.  Ha!  I want the Kuh to tell me he cannot afford the property, because as soon as he does I will find a way that he can afford it and I will present that idea on a golden plate.  After careful consideration and great thought I go to them and tell them that I really like them and know we can work together and that because I really want them on that particular piece of property, because it is perfect for them, I will provide the finance.  When you offer finance you must make it look really good to them.  Tell them that they must keep some cash in reserve, so offer them more finance than they would have needed.   They need some cash reserve for all the extra invoices I present to them and to run away when it is all over    ….hawhawhawhaw.  The more finance they have it is better.

I make the finance a little more expensive than if it was from a bank, but I tell them that I am very flexible, that we can always work things out together.  Now the paperwork, the documents I must spend much time telling you about.  The documents are very important, but now I will tell you to keep the documents simple and only make them if there is absolutely no way you can manage without.  I have told you the documents are important already, but the lack of documents is important also.

It pains me to admit this but one time I did not provide any finance for the buyers.  They paid cash for my property.  I needed the money at that time.  Many years ago I had a personal situation where I owed money to my girlfriend and she knew too much that I could not pay her.  I mean I had to pay her, do you see?  I broke my golden rule and I paid the big price.  Even ten thousand dollars finance would have been enough, but they did not want finance and I needed to pay my girlfriend.  My cash is not always easy to use you see.  Once again I must tell you later about how to keep your money safe.  I always have gemstones and gold, but it is not much use for paying an angry girlfriend, I can tell you.  You must provide finance to the buyer.  This way you have the big control lever.  When you pull that lever they fall out of the chair and into the deep black hole ….hawhawhawhaw

I use this example to show you why it is so essential to provide finance, even if they have lots of money to buy the property, it is easy to persuade them that they need to hold some of their cash for the hard times to come. The hard times, there is another subject for me to tell you.  There is so much to tell, this is a business of great skill and I am giving it to the world as a gift.  I am very generous, yes?


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How to Sell Real Estate SuccessfullyThe Goad

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