IMPORTANT – All the events in this story are true; yes, they really did happen!  However, the story as told here is fiction, looking through the eyes of Chub, who is a professional real estate con artist, currently operating in Canada.  If this is your first visit to The Goad, please read the Introduction first.  

Please note that these are transcripts from the original source.  Due to the fact that English is not Chub’s first language, the words may appear a little bizarre at times.

Divine Buchis


Introduction – understanding the plot

Chapter One - Many Sides to One Tale

Chapter Two – The Finest Art of Selling Real Estate

Chapter Three – The Crooked Art of Buying Real Estate

Chapter Four – The Enemy Lies Within

Chapter Five – The Difference Between Gods and Men

Back Cover – The Synopsis


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IndexThe Goad

4 Responses to Index

  1. Thao Rifenbery says:

    Looks like someone might have gotten a cash under the table job detailing cars. Nice job, washing a car doesn’t take skill, but its a job!

  2. Rodney P. Eady says:

    Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

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